Measurements and analysis of gas installations tightness

We measure leaks in gas installations – all gases from oxygen to LPG. We are conducting measurements with the help of a camera ii900. After onsite measurement is completed, we prepare a report and documentation for the client along with results and recommendations, which will most likely improve safety and efficiency of your installation. Below you can have a look on possible application of our camera:

1. Use of the camera on the nitrogen sealing line, leakage indication in the flange connection.

2. Checking water pipelines, the thermal map indicates vibrations on the compensator pipeline.

3. Use of the camera at the hydrogen filling station – the camera has detected a hydrogen leak in the compressor cylinder.

4. Use of the camera in the ozone production plant – leakage indication on the pipe joint.

5. Leakage of calibration gas to the chromatograph at the pipeline joints.

6. Leaks in the gasket in the gas pipe valve.

7. Gas leakage detected on the screw connection.