Our team of 6 experts with over 10 years of experience in power, oil and gas industry is spread into 4 departments:

Reliability department – contingency planning, creating comprehensive map of reliability KPIs for all machines on our customers site, then creating online WEB applications that can automatically inform all interested personnel about possible troubles, help with asset criticality assessment, spare parts management

Process safety department – identification of potential hazards related to industrial plants, identification of risks and dangerous tendencies, proposal for mitigations and risk decrease. Help with HAZOP studies and support of certified auditors.

Data analysis department – process models based on our experience and on AI algorithms, we can identify and predict of almost all industrial processes (quality data required). We are capable of programing your control systems with Machine Learning algorithms, we are also familiar with neural networks. We help with identification of potential growth as well as condition of different parts of equipment.

Instrumentation department – calibrations of transmitters and sensors, analytical equipment service. Everyday work support, ad-hoc services.

General industry terms we are accustomed to help our clients with:

CBM – condition base monitoring/maintenance – operation data analysis, CMMS – Computerized maintenance management system, RCM – Reliability centred maintenance, EAM – electronic asset management, Lean Manufacturing, 6sigma, HAZOP, GMP, Engineering Management of Change, Change Management